For business users, a car is not just a means of transportation - it's practically a mobile office where important presentations are prepared or where you can relax between meetings. You've probably been in a situation where your car let you down and simply stopped. In the past, you could comfortably go to the service center, have a coffee, and wait for the car to be ready for new adventures. However, with global supply chain disruptions, parts can be harder to obtain than ever, and prices are rising faster than you can keep up. Not to mention the wait for a new car, which can stretch from six months to a year. And while you wait, your business and your clients won't wait. These are all issues faced by car owners. But not by those who rent. So, now is a good time to reconsider all options. Long-term rental is a relatively new option that relieves you of stress and offers the predictability that every business user deserves.

Simple and better planning

Long-term vehicle rental is an ideal service for users who want to adjust the number of vehicles according to their current needs. Unlike other financing methods (such as leasing, for example), with long-term rental, you are not bound by a contractual obligation. With long-term rental, you only pay for the number of days the vehicle is used, you have control over expenses, and the guarantee that if you return the vehicle before the agreed time, you will not incur additional costs.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization is certainly one of the reasons why users opt for long-term rental services. Unlike leasing, for example, with long-term rental, you can increase or decrease the number of vehicles according to business needs. There is no need for significant initial investment or a plethora of documentation, guarantees, and signatures, and most importantly, it is realized very quickly.

No worries, no problems

We take full responsibility for vehicle management. This includes registration, insurance, maintenance, comprehensive coverage, replacement vehicle, tire replacement and storage, damage repairs, GPS vehicle tracking – all are our concern and obligation. You can practically focus entirely on developing your business and conducting your business activities. Leave the management of the fleet to us because our business is vehicle rental, and we excel at it.


Kako bi Vam olakšali izbor i pokazali zašto je dugoročni najam znatno bolje rješenje od Leasinga, izvukli smo ključne razlike koje možete pogledati u nastavku.

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Mjesečno plaćanje vozilaicon-plusicon-plus
Obvezno osnovno auto osiguranjeicon-minusicon-plus
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Ukoliko Vas zanima informativna ponuda za uslugu dugoročnog najma, dovoljno je da popunite kontakt formular u nastavku i neko će Vam se od našeg osoblja uskoro javiti sa svim detaljima vezanim za Vaš zahtjev